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Collaboration with Academia and Research Institutes

Finflo Ltd. works in collaboration with the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, Laboratory of Aerodynamics and Ship Laboratory of Aalto University. Results of the CFD work done can be found in a number of reports.

Additional information can be found from the library of the Laboratory of Aerodynamics. In the field of high-speed rotating machinery Finflo Ltd. cooperates with the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics of the Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Collaboration with Industry

The pre- and post-processors are provided by CFD-Finland Ltd.

Useful Links for Code Developers

mpi software for parallelization

Redhat and SuSe provide operating systems.

xv graphics manipulation package.

Dislin is a useful graphics package for curve plots, countours etc.

xxdiff is actually better than the original gdiff. It can be customized to resemble the original gdiff.

Links to CFD research labs

CFD in the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at TKK

CFD in the Laboratory of Aerodynamics at TKK

Von Karman Institute


CFD-Wiki provides a large collection of free CFD information that is very valuable for your web users. It is also important for researchers to ensure that their models and methods are correctly described in CFD-Wiki, since CFD-Wiki is highly ranked by search engines like Google and thereby attracts many visitors. CFD-Wiki can be found here:


and CFD-Online from here:


CFD codes


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